Netsky - Escape

I've been listening Hospital Record Podcast (episode) 105 over and over again for this week. Many great tunes in there. A new era of space tune soon to begin. By the way, you could check this website to subscribe this cool podcast and read some news.

One great tune by Netsky. The song title Escape. They have bringing me many great songs all the way. Best yet to come, LONG LIVE NETSKY!


Hope you all enjoyed it as I do. Bang my fucking eardrums!

Time to escape from this bullshit and start to listen.

This one is cropped from the podcast, you can hear Tony Colman speaks. Yeah I know it sucks because ruining the song, but it must be done for the sake of podcast and shouts. Also he promises that there will be an album from Netsky this year hell yeah! You could also click at the beginning in this video to hear Mellow (I haven't got the lyric, anyone who can help me with it?), this one also from Netsky.