Die & Interface (feat. William Cartwright) - Bright Lights (Rollers Mix)

Well this is another sick tune that you can sing a long.
Rollers mix, by Die & Interface and soothing vocal of William Cartwright.

I present you, Bright Lights. :)

Here's the lyric:

Hold on, time is wasting
So drawn to your bright lights
No more hesitating, so drawn...

What have you done to me baby?
You hypnotize me with your love
Cause you got something I've been craving
And I'm addicted to your drug

Cause I've been waiting for you darling
Won't you stay with me tonight?
I know we can never be together
I just keep on running right to your bright lights

My heart is burning with desire
Baby you should know this ain't no game
If you keep on playing with your fire
Baby we know turning back
You never gonna be the same again

I need your love so much
I hunger for your touch

I need your kiss
Cause you're the one I miss

Special thanks to dfredbrown for the upload.