joker & zak abel - alchemy

I've been replaying this tunes over and over again, and also the other tunes called wise enough. My last relationship was a total failure. I guess it's another opportunity to start again more intelligently. Still contemplating though, might as well as I'm the one who's always been crazy from the start.

One thing for sure, I can't love halfway, I'm not build for that.

"Alchemy is about a relationship where the person you are with is a wild, destructive character and you know that they are no good for you, however you keep wanting more because there is crazy chemistry between you. I wrote the song while I was right in the middle of that relationship." - Zak Abel

Here's the lyric:

I feel this alchemy
Lead into gold
You are the centrepiece
Heaven to hold, well, well, well

Something keeps telling me you are no good, I don't listen baby
How could you make me feel so blue?

We don't need to question what it is
I can taste your poison on my lips
Tie me in chains and I won't say no
Maybe I'm crazy for wanting more
But every time I come back around, it's alchemy reborn

Blood on my fingertips
Cut by a rose
You are the symphony
I couldn't compose