Short Sentences

Stupid people never learn,
Normal people learn from their mistake,
And the wise learn from others.
"That's the fact!"

Religions only bring separations, chaos & wars.
If only you all know that we have the same colour of blood!
"That too is also a fact!"

Even buddha himself is an illusion.
"I went to sleep and dreamed meeting with him. He says everything is an illusion. I woke up and concluded that even buddha himself is an illusion."

I think, then come more questions, thus I become confused.
"That's not gonna stop me to think!"

We're all living in our own nonsense world.
"Sadly, there is no such thing as a common nonsense."

The stronger lights that shines on a tree...
The darker its shadows appeared.
"It's the balance."

See no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil. Then what? LIVE=EVIL?
"But I think ignorance is the real evil."

The most expensive cost for everything in this world...
Is uncertainty.
"Sadly there's no guarantee."

I wish to have no wishes.
"I wish it happens."

The winner takes it all! Losers just watch.
"This too is an obvious fact, and if you feel offended...
You're one of the second part."

What make flowers beautiful?
It is because they can be withered away eaten by time.
"Imagine if there's a flower that blooms eternally, that would be boring.
So cherish it while it last! Even the tree of life itself has it own cycle."

Box are created to be opened, even Pandora's.
"What is the purpose of creating a box? If it can't be opened, what will it becomes?"

Lazy is a good sin.
"If you think hard to do more, with less effort. Then do it efficiently."

He who laughs last... Usually laughs alone.

This is my past thinking, the foundation of my curiosity and freaky concept. I don't know if these would make a good use for you, barely helpful perhaps." These are from my old Minekey.