Mereka Semua

Mereka semua tertawa
Mereka samua tekekeh bahagia


Mereka semua merasa sempit
Mereka semua terhimpit sesak di dada
Mereka semua hidup dengan hati terkekang


Mereka semua tak melihat
(Orang buta mana yang bisa meneteskan air mata?)

Un-Cut - Midnight (M.I.S.T. Remix)

I've been longing to post this one, but I keep forgetting about it. Sorry. This one is a classic masterpiece by Un-Cut. Tune title is Midnight. Of course I like the original, but I prefer the Marcus Intalex and S.T. Files (M.I.S.T) remix version. Well, enough bullshit. Enjoy! :)

Here's the lyric:

Can't wait till this day is over
Can't wait for this day to be done
Can't wait feel the end is closer
You can't keep me holding on
'Cause I'm drown by a feeling
The night is calling me
I'm ready to start living
Where music flows free

Take me or leave me
I am what i will be
Live young and so free
Make this reality
Break through and feel it
Just like that first kiss
And now you won't miss
Life is bliss, could bliss be this yeah!

Midnight, the real me
I'm shining, oh can't you see?
Midnight, I'm letting myself go
I'm lost in the rhythm
The night takes control

Can't get up I must come down
Can't get the bells to stop ringing
Can't reject and leave now
9 to 5 has lost its meaning
Dear I'm sure you know this feeling
You know what's on my mind
'Cause when the night comes I'm leaving
Leaving it all behind

This is the M.I.S.T. Remix

This is the M.I.S.T VIP Remix

This is the original version (so calm and soothing)

Special thanks to wangtang2k and Mickeybeam01 for uploading these epic tunes! Cheers!


Aku rindu
Kepada matahari
Yang tersenyum bahagia

Aku rindu
Kepada angin
Yang menyanyi jenaka

Aku rindu
Kepada air
Yang bergoyang ria

Aku rindu
Kepada api
Yang berdiri perkasa

Aku rindu
Kepada tanah
Yang bergetar bijaksana

Aku rindu
Kepada langit
Yang tak lagi meneteskan air mata

Aku rindu
Kepada dunia
(Dengan kebohongan-kebohongan indahnya.)