kepada embun aku bertanya:
mengapa engkau selalu jernih?

kepada bintang aku menyeru:
mengapa engkau selalu bersinar?

kepada angin aku mengadu:
mengapa engkau selalu merasuki?

kepada tanah aku bergurau:
mengapa engkau selalu terdiam?

lalu aku kembali
menatap dalam-dalam
kepada cermin di kamarku


Back to My Own Root

In early 2014, I made a promise.

3 nights ago, it became an utter failure.

Then I realized, I've been stupid all this time.

I am broken again.

It is an impossible vow.

It is not the solution.

If I can't feel broken, then I will become inhuman.

The answer is not to avoid the feeling...

but to recover as soon as possible.

That always been my main principle.

That's how I become strong.

No matter how many times you fall, you must get up again.

If life is a marathon, then love is a never ending impromptu.

And I am still not afraid.


tonight, you broke my heart with a swiftly kiss
then i left you hastily in tears that crushed my soul

shit happens with a great timing
this is just another voluntary incident
in the name of love

thus, people often said:
"it is wise to wait, rather than to initiate and crumbles."

but i do not live that way
our lifes already fucked up anyways

so, rejoice!
because there is no replay button

you can't rewind the past,
accept it, and walk forward,
do not be afraid and make more incidents

as long as you don't keep repeating the same ones