Lidah manis
Bibir terkembang

Genderang perang
Bangkai amis

Kumis najis
Membuat gerang

Semuanya kejang!
(Tidak ada lagi janji puitis.)

Sometimes Sometimes

Sometimes I see everything,
From tiny particles into the whole complete picture

Sometimes I did not see anything,
Like blinding white lights that put out my black eyes

Sometimes, sometimes

Like fallen autumn leaves that lie in dirt
Soon to be embraced by the first snow drop

Like a flower bud that's closing in
Nevertheless, will be popped out

Sometimes, sometimes

Everything I touch
Will be vanished...

That is a creation

Everything I preserve,
Will be vain

Every time, and every times

Nothing ---
Interest ---
Me ---
Anymore ---

The nothingness itself,
( --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ).