tanah yang kering dan tandus pun,
ketika ia bermandikan hujan,
niscaya akan
tumbuh bunga-bunga
yang menawan, selama
kita saling percaya



kita semua ini sama,
sama-sama pendosa
karena pada saat kita dilahirkan
kita sudah menyakiti, dan menyiksa
seorang wanita
jadi segala perdebatan ini sia-sia
hingga kita semua makan
tanah bersama-sama

Flower Quizzes

I like flowers.
And sometimes I wonder whether these quizzes result are true due to their normative sentences.

You Are Rebellious
You make seem sweet at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving.
You are a total rebel who likes to do things your own way. You're really quite subversive.

You can get what you want through charm and grace. When people are around you, they don't know what hit them.
You tend to have a pretty big agenda, but you hold your cards close to your chest.
You Have a Passionate Life
You are both dependent and independent, calm and restless. You often can see both sides of things.
You've never had a problem getting dates. You have many admirers, and you don't like being single.

You love romance. You get a thrill from being swept off your feet.
Your life is simple and satisfying. Each day you treat yourself to something you enjoy.
You Are Passionate and Driven
You have a clear vision of what you want, and nothing is going to stop you from getting it.
You are very confident and even a bit brash. You don't allow any self-doubt into your life.

You like to push limits. You're very curious to see how far you can get in all aspects of your life.
You are never satisfied. Once you achieve a goal, you set another one. You are constantly striving.
You Are Content
Quiet and serious, you are well prepared for whatever life hands you.
You like to have a place that centers you and grounds you. Nothing is more comforting than feeling at home.

You are good at formulating and carrying out plans. You thrive when you're able to organize.
You are very family-minded. For you, family always comes first.
You Are Outgoing
You are a fun loving and playful person. You never take life (or anything) too seriously.
You're always finding a way to liven things up. You are the instigator of most good times, and people love to be around you.

Winter is a fun time of year for you. You don't let the cold slow you down, and you love to be active outside.
You're always up for a snowball fight or a sledding party. And you love to treat yourself afterward with hot chocolate.

You love spring as much as winter, if not more so. It's hard for you to resist playing hooky and having a little fun.
You're happy to be out in the fresh air with friends - whether you're going for a hike or simply having brunch outside.
Your Orchids Say You're Very Elegant
You are exotic and intricately beautiful.
You possess a unique grace that's both delicate and strong.

You are thoughtful and refined. You are the definition of class.
Some people may find you unapproachable, but it's only their lack of confidence speaking.
You Are Comfortable in Your Own Skin
You are very idealistic. You really truly want what's best for the world.
You can't fall in love with just anyone at any time. Everything needs to align for you.

You have a strong sense of right and wrong. You are a justice enforcer.
You are interested in all types of people. You find almost everyone to be compelling.
You Are a Dreamer
People usually totally love you or totally hate you. You are extremely intense.
You aspire to great things. You dream big, and you have the self-confidence to make your dreams come true.

You are a total brainiac who enjoys learning new things. You think studying is just plain fun.
You try not to go overboard on anything. You are down to earth, and you aren't easily swayed by emotions.
You Are Beloved
You are adored and loved by many. People care deeply for you.
You are a great person, and everyone knows it. You are well liked.

You go beyond being just popular. You are highly regarded and respected.
You are highly admired and cherished. Many people want to be like you.
You Are Blessed
You are a naturally grateful person. You believe it's important to be thankful for whatever you have.
You've gained the most by traveling down your own path in life. You are a naturally spiritual person.

You are your own best teacher. You try to figure out what you need and then give it to yourself.
On a good day, you really shine. Luckily, most of your days are good days.


setiap kali aku jauh darimu
meluap-luap kesedihanku
jangkrik masih cekikikan
bulan tak hentinya bergunjing
hanya sunyi malam yang bisa
membuatku utuh mengingatmu
biarkan nisan-nisan itu pulas
hingga embun-embun lahir kembali
buat aku lupa aku

penjara kecil

segalanya memiliki
penampilan yang sementara
namun segalanya pula
mempunyai inti yang abadi

ombak yang tertinggi
akan selalu kembali
tenggelam ke palung yang terdalam

dunia ini penjara kecil
dimana ruh-ruh mungil
menetap sebagai pendatang

semua sama lemahnya
baik yang mencari
maupun yang dicari