Camo & Krooked (feat. MC Tali) - The Verve

Last time I heard about MC Tali was her song called Blazin. Not much news after that, in my opinion. But now Camo & Krooked did some collaboration (I think) with her, and it managed to fascinate me. Enjoy this song, it called The Verve. :)

I really love all the instrumentals, synths and effects. Nice work! Will make you sing a long, I guarantee. Mad tune!

As usual, here's the lyric (hope you're all who view this will correct it if I'm wrong):

Boy, you've got me awfully good out (?)
You got me all worked out

And I know that way

DJ, baby!

All of my life, I've been waiting for you
All of my life, I've been wanting you too

Falling, falling, falling, falling for you
You got me falling for you

Special thanks to Overloop420 who humbly share this tune on Youtube. Cheers!