Madmen & Poets versus Soulgrifter & Ill-Esha - Save Me

I'm in the mood for liquid, so tonight I'll give you all my-dearest-loyal-visitor-of-this-shitty-blog another soothing tune. Madmen & Poets versus Soulgrifter & Ill-Esha made this tune, called Save Me.

Special thanks as usual for Liquicity who uploads this romantic tune, also for illeshadj who save me from all the troubles hearing and looking for the lyric. Cheers mate!

Well hope you enjoy this one. :)
Here's the lyric:

We're gonna act like it's me holding you down

Carry on in these shambles, throwing it all away
I ain't gonna ramble all night just to keep you through the day
They're all saying I'm crazy and I'm so tired of maybes
I'm gonna go make my own way cause I don't need you to save me

Always going on about your confusion
Sucked into reality's illusion
Boy I don't know why you're blaming it all on me

All those nights where I tried to bring the light
Kissed your body left to right left my heart in sight
Still you're talking like our love is gravity