EZ Rollers - Mousetrap

Well this one is an oldskool classic DnB, I really love it. EZ Rollers made this tune called Mousetrap. Enjoy the satisfying vocal and classy guitar riff. That time, all the pioneers are always pushing into limit and beyond. :)

Special thanks to Kerrrrrrrrr for the uploads. Here's the lyric (if there's correction please comment, I don't know if my hearing is right):

Change out, takes sound
You and me can mash on
In my mission

What makes you think you better are
Take a glance at mirror awhile
Why the jumping to the fire?
Is better to fight this way, better in my domain

Speaks like when is all you need
Look at you and look at me
Go ahead irritated, graduate, speak your mind
But help the fight one more time please

Never count and never starve
Want to scream, intention draws
Never know what the whether finds/minds
But I'm totally up to you, ready to fight with you

Danger lights ahead
Will strike your head
The danger of fight and fighting all

Totally up to you