Madmen & Poets (feat. Keri Greenaway) - Rainy Day

Madmen & Poets did it again! Very nice tune, sadly I can't hear the lyric well even though Keri Greenaway's voice is beautiful due to the echoing (and soothing effect). Liquid for the win of course! By the way, I really recommend you to buy the Scandinavian Sunday album if you prefer liquid and jazzy tunes. Kudos to that album.

Thanks to dnbGRADD for uploading this. Here's the lyric:

So many nights
That I lay wake and wondered why
After all that we've been through
Tears on my pillow
Deep in through the night
And all we do is like you falsify
You know it's true

It's been so long now
And I feel the change

You make me so mad
Oh lord what must I do?

Such a rainy day
I always feel I'm trying to change your drop roused way
And I feel well I feel so blue
I'm gonna make a stand
Make you try to understand
I'm screaming out on top of my voice
Am I get in through to you?
Must I really cry?
Cause you're only say goodbye
Do you really think we can hold this thing together?

Let the rain come down

P.S. The lyric is hard to find, so due please humbly correct me if something is wrong.