Countour & Ill-Esha - Point Of No Return

This one is Countour and another Ill-Esha's voice, loving it! Tune called Point Of No Return. Such a moody tune, perfect for another hope of love. Please enjoy it. :)

Special thanks for miguelpl90 for the upload and gownomac also illeshadj for correcting me. Well here's the lyric (if there's another correction, due please comment):

One day you appeared
Right out of the sand from nowhere
And suddenly here
And there were no expectations

Taking my hand
Walking through sand
I didn't need much more
But soon every day
Your beautiful eyes were smiling at my door
And slowly that part of me
That I buried oh so deep
Started to break the chains
And wake from this endless sleep

Now it's out of hand
I've lost my command
And you'll never feel the same
Cause you are unconquerable
And I've already lost this game

Right here in my life
Wish I can freeze this moment
For some other time
When I sit alone on the edge of my bed

I just can't go on
When things are so out of focus
Will I ever learn
The more I love the more it burns
I reach the point of no return

Cause you see I don't stop
The truth people fall from any universe

A wandering heart
A world of apart

I wish that a place for rebirth