Makoto & Deeizem - Untold (Jabberloop Remix)

Makoto & Deeizm is one of a kind duo, a top notch combination in the DNB world. Their names are considered equal with Size & Tali or maybe Lenzman & Riya, but they are all have their own style and signature sounds.

The one I like about this duo is their song always beautiful and soulful. This tune is called Untold. I really love the original, but when I listened to the Jabberloop version, I fell in love more deeply with the tune. This is a jazzy band from Japan and they're considered equal with Re-Trick, Soil & Pimp, etc. If you into jazz things, check all those names out! Hope you enjoy this one as much as eargasm flows into my soul for the first time I heard it on Red Bull Mix Monday that features them. :)

Here's the lyric:

Uh, I'm thinking of everything you should've said last works
Oh, the lost within you head
For you leaving behind all the truth untold
Waiting for them to unfold
So long, baby you underestimate my love
If anything there was too much
We've both been so crazy so was lets it through
But I'm not used to it so I just can't let go
Cause I'm thinking about to untold

This is the original version

This is the Jabberloop version