Total Science feat. Riya - Redlines

I never thought that Ryuichi Sakamoto's creation, the famous Bibo no Aozora (heard it the first time as Babel soundtrack) can be remixed as DNB, but these facts shows that I'm wrong. So here it is, Total Science with Riya, Redlines. Enjoy! :)

Here's the lyric:

These distances I have to go
Cause your illusion does this all alone
Your red lines are crossed, there's a mood for you
Just to know you believe in me
They've downed the bottles that clouds their eyes
I play consequence, I don't know who you are
Cause everything you say I've never seen
Want to know, you believe in me
Red lines here... red lines here.

And here are more bonuses for you all! :)

Loz Contreras feat. Sanna - Break You Down

D Kay & Intoxicated - A Thinner Edge

Babel OST - Endless Fight (original version)
-- These strings are just crying over and over again.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bibo no Aozora (piano solo version)

P.S. : The last two, wherever & whenever I hear it, deep down, I always cried. Be sure to watch Babel, it's interesting. What a nostagic post. :)