Atlantic Connection (Feat. MC Tali) - So Me

Atlantic Connection has been consistently bringing quality liquid DnB tunes, while I'm already a fan of Tali since she released "Lyric on My Lip". Well, this tune is soothing, inspiring and ironically romantic. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Here's the lyric:

We were strangers in the street
Until our shadows crossed unconsciously
Stood outside as daylight died
And the night began it's sinking bleed

We were waiting for the same bus
I noticed you looking across at me
Our eyes connected and I recognized your smile
Side by side we shared the same seat
As we discussed our history
Our mutual friends around our ends and what we did on the weekends
Before I knew it the bell rang you were gone and alone again
I realized that in their time we never even said our names

I think I saw you one more time
Getting off the northern line
But friends we shared said you've disappeared
And no one knows where to find you
Inspired by a conversation undeterred I can be patient
Can't believe I'm still waiting to be inspired again

Ain't funny it ain't crazy tell me baby
That moment though it's gone
Ain't funny it ain't crazy tell me baby
Why does it still live on
Ain't funny it ain't crazy tell me baby
Though its a memory
Ain't funny it ain't crazy tell me baby
I never felt so me

It's not like we were meant to be
Or you're the one that got away from me
It's not like we were kindred souls but then again who knows
Cause I can't seem to forget
That's why what you see is what you get