New Perspective In My Life

This Ramadhan, I found something about myself. It turns out that my heart is not big enough and that’s okay.

My heart is too small for dishonesty. The world is build based on trust and confidence, without them the world will crumbles. Just imagine if you’re driving on the street, how much trust will you put to the other drivers? Or when you’re on a flight, how much trust you put to the pilot? Our civilization and our economy system, all is build based on trust and confidence.

Another one that I learned is to take risk in trusting someone. It’s better that way. Sometimes shit happens, just brace it. You will get betrayed, I can guarantee that, but that's the experience you will need to make you stronger. Imagine if you live your life full of mistrust, that will be one hell of a miserable path.

How does it feels to betray someone?
I'd rather not to taste it.
Forgive, but not forget.

Trust, but verify.
I shall hold dearly these new two principles for the rest of my life.