Through your glasses…
I look deep into your dark brown eyes
And I see a reflection of “little me” in you
It seems you have captured my soul inside you

Even Angelo’s masterpiece is nothing compared to you
Like a statue full of beauty that made from clay
So hard from the outside, but soft and tender inside it
But still... that look is as sweet as brown sugar

You set torch to my mind
Bringing this fiery flame inside me to live again
Burn, burn, burn, burn, and burn to adore you
Yes you’re admirable one, more than phoenix itself

Bless you, for all the kindness you give to me
For nothing but a pure joy of my heart, I can only ask none

To see you close…
Is never enough for me

Possessed, tempted by desire, and full of passion
I’ve been trapped to you

The more I try to evade…
The more you give me direct hit from your touch

Confused by all of your surrounding
And become fragile (the more you try to touch, the more it will crack)

Yet you remain calm forever to observe...

An eternally innocent to this world.

Note : Again this one also dusty.