One or Two

I open my eyes
And see you in front of me

I smile…
And you smile back

I try to give my hands… to touch you
And you try to reach mine

But never…
Our fingers met

I stand here
And you still there waiting

I try to understand you
And you try to solve me

Yet our eyes look the same
Mine is as black as yours

Yet our hairs look the same
Mine is as black as yours

Then who are you?
Are you the real one? Or am I the one?

Then who am I?
Am I just a shadow? Or are you just a reflection?

I gazed in your eyes…
For so long, long, long, long time…
Look, look, look, and keep looking…
It’s so deep that can eat away my soul…

Hey you…
The one behind the mirror
Please be true… to fill this hollow inside
Can we become one even separated in different dimension?

Note: Reminiscing my-newly-found old writings.