London Elektricity - I Resign

London Elektricity, with the tune called I Resign. Probably Liane Carroll's mesmerizing voice. Enjoy! :)

Special thanks to afkmer for the upload. Well, here's the lyric:

These are the things that troubles us
These are the things that get in our way
This is the bubble bust in us
The state a play at the end of the day

This is our life going through my head
But the life that I live just right here instead
I could calculate the distance right between the two
If I leave right now I can make it through

I could thanks to you for all the say and I was wrong
I could thanks to me for sitting here far too long
I could thanks to all the people who believe in me
It's a shame I can do that to the living my resignation

Wishing have a chance to create a new life
Just from the things in this song is gonna be up night
I never know which way until the table turn
And I won't stick around until I get run

I resign from your control cause your system suck
I resign from my position in the back of the truck
I resign cause I don't wanna be a right hand man
And I'm never gonna beg to the living my resignation

You're the one who started this
You're the one who gave me away

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na

I wanna start with my resignation
At the end of the day